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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I have had the great fortune of working on some truly inspiring projects while networking with many influential and creative individuals along the way. I believe in the power of working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. For more information about my career experience, past projects, and current work portfolio, get in touch today.


Janete Rondon

Event Designer and Owner

After a 20+ years in a successful 6 figure career in logistics, and many 16 hour days with little to no fulfilment, I had a serious "AHA!!" moment and decided to pursue a career that brought me joy.


For decades, friends and family turned to me to plan and execute their special events. They all tried to convince me that my true calling was Event Planning. To me, planning a party was a labor of love that I tackled with extreme dedication - I strived to create original and detailed events that would be praised and remembered for years. Every project filled my days off and nights as ideas flooded my brain like a fast moving river. I completely immersed myself in each project and as I shared my ideas with my clients they would feel my excitement and get swept up in my vision as well. It was clear that this was what I was meant to pursue. It was always meant to be, even if it took me a little longer to allow myself to follow my dream.

I strongly believe that we all have that path that we are meant to follow and we must trust this higher Master Plan in order to fulfil our true destiny. Master Plan Events is that higher plan for me and I hope I can use this platform to bring joy to thousands of people by making their dream visions come true!


Looking Forward to Planning your Memorable Event!


Master Plan Events, LLC

Janete Rondon, Accredited Event Designer

Event Designer-Owner

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