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Wedding Trends We Predict Will Stick

Planning for a wedding in 2021 can feel like navigating uncharted waters. Maybe you’ve had to put your wedding off by a year (or two!) or the wedding you’ve had to make some changes to the wedding you once envisioned. As we emerge into safer and happier times, Master Plan Events wants to help you celebrate. Wedding trends are always changing and every bride wants something different. In the past year, things like buffets fell to the wayside, while we saw a surge in popularity of live streaming ceremonies.Check out some of the latest wedding trends that we believe are here to stay:

While outdoor weddings have always held a special charm, in the past year they have become the go-to for ceremonies and receptions. There is so much you can do with the right outdoor space, and with tents, outdoor heaters and excellent lighting, there is no need for a rain date.

Sustainable and eco-friendly choices for decor are becoming more and popular as we as a society become more socially conscious. Locally sourced menu options, recycled stationery, and charity registries are just a few ways to care for the earth on your big day.

Mini wedding cakes are a really fun and easy new trend. Instead of cutting slices from one big cake, everybody gets their own, kind of like the perfect adult version of a cupcake!

With the use of live streaming technology, people who normally could not attend your wedding will be able to feel like they’re part of the big day. Of course nothing can replace the joy of dancing and eating together, but for guests who are elderly or unable to travel, being able to virtually attend can be the next best thing.

Bold colors are in this year and brides are breaking with traditional white gowns in favor of styles that make a statement. Vibrant bouquets and decorations, especially in Pantone’s “Illuminating,” the vibrant yellow color of the year, brings the brightness and cheer you deserve on your wedding day.

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